Top 5 Websites To Download Full Movies Absolutely Free

Movies are something that distract us from our mundane problems by diverting our attention to the visuals and in the process often releasing emotions or providing relaxation, thereby entertaining us. They also allow social interaction by providing opportunity to discuss common topics of interest. More often than not we relate to the characters of the movie thus creating a sense of relatedness and sometimes even reinforcing our values.

We all agree movies allow us to escape, and there’s value in that, but it is more than simple escapism. Movies take us to places we’ve never been and inside the skin of people quite different from ourselves. They offer us a window onto the wider world, broadening our perspective and opening our eyes to new wonders.

Moreover, movies provide information thereby quenching our curiosity on the subject in question. Needless to say these functions are overlap. Perhaps the true movie-magic lies somewhere at the intersection of these functions.

And just for this, we go for movie download websites for downloading free movies rather than switching to cinemas and spending money blindly. And just for this information, we have brought you the list of best movie downloading websites for your devices.

What are the best websites to download Hindi movies?

  1. 300MB Movies 4U

This website is a very flexible free movie downloads site which offers to download diffrent categories of movies for free. Action, drama, romantic every movie is available here and this website also has HD quality movies. Here you will find many categories like, Hollywood, Bollywood, HD etc. Also they provide various TV series. The movie database keeps updating frequently with latest movies and TV series.


This website is the second best site for free movie downloads. You can expect much when a site is offering online movies and download option too. All you need to do is play a movie click on download option at the bottom of a video player to download it. The movie database keeps updating frequently with latest movies and TV series.


MovieWatcher is a great online movie streaming and download website which lets you watch and download movies of all categories and genres. This website offers movies from action and adventure to drama and comedy which you can download free full length movies from MovieWatcher. Not only this, it also lets you watch TV serials for free and even stream into them.

  1. URgrove

This website has some great user interface and here you can find high quality Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi Dubbed movies for free. This site has a huge list of different movies which are updated regularly so you will get the best and latest movies for free. It has multi download links, which means if you found any broken link then you have more links to visit and more qualities to download. The navigation of this site is clean and you can download your favorite movies very easily and to download free movies you don’t need to register or don’t need to take membership.

  1. Gingle

Gingle is a free portal for free movie downloads where you can play online games, stream online movies, radio, listen to favourite music. This website is a pretty good one and provides too much of stuff at a single place. You will only find Hollywood movies here. Gingle claims that it will never ask for registration and survey for downloading stuff. If you don’t find any content, just request it and they will add it for you to download.